The European Bioeconomy Network is open to all projects funded by the European Commission dealing with Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy.

Do you want to be part of the network? Please read the mission page and send us an email for more information.

The participation is free of charge!



AlpBioEco Contacts:
Gloria Kraus:
AgriMax Contacts:
Albert Torres:
BioBase4SME Contacts:
Tanja Meyer:
Biobridges Contacts:
Alexandre Almeida:
BioCannDo Contacts:
John Vos:
Erik Lohse:
BioHorizon Contacts:
Bożena Podlaska:
Papadouli Katerina:
BioLinX Contacts:
Dennis van der Pas:
BioMonitor Contacts:
Justus Wesseler:
BIOPEN Contacts:
Patrizia Circelli:
BIOREGIO Contacts:
Susanna Vanhamäki:
BIOrescue Contacts:
Inés del Campo:
Bénédicte Julliard:
BioSTEP Contacts:
Laura Griestop:
Holger Gerdes:
Zoritza Kiresiewa:
Chiara Pocaterra:
BIOWAYS Contacts:
Iakovos Delioglanis:
BLOOM Contacts:
Maria Schrammel:
Judith Feichtinger:
CommBeBiz Contacts:
Rhonda Smith:
Virginia Neal:
Marie Saville:
EMBRACED Contacts:
Orsola Bolognani:
First2Run Contacts:
Mariateresa Riolo:
Lorena Bodegas:
InnProBio Contacts:
John Vos:
Moritz Westkämper:
ISAAC Contacts:
ISABEL Contacts:
Iakovos Delioglanis:
Lifecab Contacts:
Enzo Montoneri:
Sorani Montenegro:
Simone Solaro:
POWER4BIO Contacts:
Ignacio Martin: 
Ulrich Eimer:
ProBIO Contacts:
Ilaria Bonetti:
RUBIZMO Contacts:
Justin Casimir:
Bénédicte Julliard:
RoadToBio Contacts:
Lea König:
STAR4BBI Contacts:
Luana Ladu, TU Berlin:
Minique Vrins, NEN:
STAR-ProBio Contacts:
Piergiuseppe Morone:
SuperBIO Contacts:
Sofie Dobbelaere:
Anneleen Devriendt:
TRADEIT Contacts:
Helena McMahon
Transition to Green Economy Contacts:
Robert Miskuf:
VALOR PLUS Contacts:
Beatriz Palomo:
Thomas Kowalik: