Achievements 2021

A number of activities took place in 2021 under the European Bioeconomy Network support, involving several EuBioNet members.

Do you want to share activities or collaborations that took place thanks to the support of the European Bioeconomy Network? Tell us more! We will report them in this page to inspire the other members.




1 December 2021 – EuBioNet participated in the plenary meeting with National Bioeconomy Coordination Group (CNBBSV, Presidency of the Council of Ministers)

19 November 2021 – ICA CoP Bio-Edu Workshop

“Status and Future of Bioeconomy Education – Learning from EU projects” was the first event and workshop co-organized by the EuBioNet with the Association for European Life Science Universities and the European Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education.
The workshop took place on Friday 19 November 2021 from 9.00 CET and aimed to consolidate the current perspective for innovation in education for the Bioeconomy at all levels.

The event was the follow-up to the webinars held on 4 and 5 November 2021 during which several EU Commission projects focusing on bioeconomy education were invited to present their outcomes, or projected outcomes for the ongoing projects.

The workshop consisted in three Breakout-Sessions dedicated to different recipient groups to address the following questions:

  • Information and awareness raising: Public perception and active participation of social groups and Elementary and High Schools (specific programs, structures, examples)
  • Bachelor and Master programs at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (specific programs, structures, examples) and Vocational training (as part of high school, university or other programs)
  • Training of experienced employees involved in Bioeconomy processes (Life Long Learning), involvement of the industry and Information and awareness raising: Related stakeholders and policy makers, funding organizations and investors (local and on European level)

The online whiteboard for team collaboration MIRO was used to stimulate the discussion and collect insights and suggestions from participants actively interacting with the boards.

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO, BIObec, BLOOM, BioCannDo, Power4Bio,  CELEBio, Biobridges, BIOWAYS, BE-Rural



8 November 2021 – EuBioNet delivered a speech to the Italian Ministry of Education working group in bioeconomy education, facilitating collaboration among projects and Italian government



4 November 2021 – EuBioNet participated in a meeting with EC Healthy Ocean & Seas, DG RTD.B.4

26 October 2021 – Promote education, training and skills across the bioeconomy

During the online participatory workshop “Promote education, training and skills across the bioeconomy”, Susanna Albertini gave the speech “Inspiring young generations – Innovative approaches from European Funded projects”.

The event was organized by Deloitte, Empirica and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB), together with the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research & Innovation (DG RTD). In this context, Susanna presented inspirational formats, good paractices, tools and activities stemming from the experiences of mosts of EU funded projects and initiatives, belonging to the EuBioNet.
In particular, Susanna presented the Transition2BIO project methodological approach for information and info-educational activities involving young adults to take a role in raising awareness in the bioeconomy, as they will be the citizens of tomorrow.
Moreover, during the introduction to the workshop, Peter Wehrheim (Head of Unit, Bioeconomy & food systems, European Commission DG RTD) showed the BIOVOICES/Transition2BIO book for kids as a good example of educational activity at primary school level.

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO, BIObec

18-26 September 2021 – European Researchers’ Night in Rome

The 2021 edition of the European Night of Researchers organized by Frascati Scienza, scheduled for 24 September, is starting. The EuBioNet , together with the Transition2BIO and BIOVOICES projects, will propose hand-on labs, educational activities, the bio-based products exhibition and the BIOArt Gallery, to raise awareness and inform about the bioeconomy.

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO

6 September 2021 – 3rd Summer School on circular bioeconomy & Sustainable

EuBioNet members involved: Transition2BIO, BIOVOICES, BIOBRIDGES, BIOWAYS, LIFT,  BIObec

7 June 2021 – Bioeconomy Young Ambassadors at the Startupper School Academy Award Ceremony

In the context of the Startupper School Academy Award Ceremony – Bioeconomy special prize two Bioeconomy Young Ambassadors representing the Transition2BIO and BIOVOICES projects held a talk about bioeconomy.

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO

7 June 2021 – Startupper School Academy Award Ceremony – Bioeconomy special prize

On 7 June, the 2020-2021 edition of Startupper School Academy, the program for the promotion of entrepreneurship in schools, aimed at stimulating the propensity to do business in the Higher Secondary Education Institutes of the Lazio Region ended. During the final event, the “Special Bioeconomy Award” was awarded to the Liceo Scientifico e Linguistico Statale in Ceccano, with the “GAIA” project.

Among the partners of this edition, together with Transition2BIO and BIOVOICES, also Novamont, Cluster della Chimica Verde Spring, Re Soil Foundation and the European Bioeconomy Network.

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO

25 May 2021 – WaysTUP! workshop

On May 25 the Italian workshop “Transforming urban waste into bioproducts”, organized by Novamont, partner of the project, was held online. The event, with an interactive approach and divided into sessions, allowed the italian stakeholders to discover the objectives of WaysTUP! and the activities of the Group within the partnership.

During the first session, Susanna Albertini, Founder of the European Bioeconomy Network and expert in bioeconomy communication, addressed the importance of stakeholder involvement, presenting some interesting case studies.

EuBioNet members involved: WaysTUP!, Transition2BIO, BIOVOICES, BIOBRIDGES, BIOWAYS, LIFT

22 March 2021 – KOM of the EuBioNet Educational Working Group

MML to define vision, objectives and expected outcomes of the EuBioNet educational working group

EuBioNet members involved:, Transition2BIO, BIOVOICES, BLOOM, BIOBEC, UrBIOFUTURE, Biobridges, LIFT, BIOWAYS, BioCannDo, EBU, the Education CoP, BIOEAST

21 April 2021 – EuBioNet annual MML

The annual Mobilisation and Mutual Learning activity of the EuBioNet “EuBioNet 2.0 – Definition of a common vision/mission for the future European Bioeconomy Network” was organized in collaboration with BIOVOICES, in the context of the BIOVOICES final event. This decision was made in order to bridge symbolically the two projects, by creating a strong sense of continuity among the activities.

Impact: 127 projects represented

Outcomes of the workshop

Projects involved:  BIOVOICES, Transition2Bio, Biobridges, Transition2Bio, Open DOORS (Interreg MED project), BIObec, MARINA H2020 Project, BIOWAYS, VIBES, BIO4AFRICA, MPowerBIO, AgroBridges, Glaukos, Tech4Biowaste, Allthings.bioPRO, Bioswitch, MUSIC, LIFT, RoadToBio, BioCannDo, InnProBio, Open-Bio, ReSolute, ReSolve, AgriMax, BioBased4SME, UrBioFuture, BEACON, BIOTOP, GRETE, DATEMATS, BIOEASTSUP, PAPILLONS, BIC – Biobased Industries Consortium, MycoKey, GLAMOUR H2020, AgroBioHeat, AlpLinkBioEco, Interreg MED Green Growth, FERTIMANURE, SEA2LAND, FISH4FISH, BIOSEA, Green Tech Lab, Transition to Green Economy, AlpLinkBio, REACT, FoodSafety4EU, ECBF, ICT-BIOCHAIN, POWER4BIO, BLUE BIO MED, eForFuel, ERANETMED, LIFE Force of the Future, BLAZE, Dendromass4EU, Tech4effect, Novagrimed, ENERMED, ELIHMED, GoGreen, Smart Ground , Remediate, Sugere, BlueCC, SECRETED, FORCE Cities cooperating for Circular Economy, BioplasticEurope, Susincer, Viroplan, SATURN, Remedia Life, FOODLEVERS, TECH4EFFECT, AFINET, VFA platform, EDCTP, MedEca, FIRST2RUN, NoAW, TERMINUS, ECIRCULAR, MADFORWATER, IEA Bioenergy, BPLAS, ENERMED, ELIHMED, BalticBiomass4Value, RehabLab, MERCES, BioSPRINT, Water JPI, Bythos, WeReLaNa, GoDanuBio, AgRefine, MD net (Interreg Med), UN SDS network, BIOECO-R.D.I., LESS WASTE II, European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, SIMBA, VALUEMAG; European Bioeconomy University (EBU), BLUEMED, WESTMED, EUSAIR, FIT4FOOD2030, NEWPACK PLASTICIRCLE, European Economic and Social Committee (NAT Section on Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment), MicrobiomeSupport, SolACE, MASTER, MICROMETABOLITE, BLOOM, MAGNETO; PROACTIVE; SAFENESS; SISAQOL-IMI, BioPhosphate, Nutriman, DAFIA, REFUCOAT, ENGICOIN, WAYSTUP, MyPack.

22 March 2021 – Startupper School Academy 2021 – Training for students

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO

“What is the circular bioeconomy and what are bio-based products? “: Ideas and fields of application for possible ideas and solutions that respond to the vertical theme” bioeconomy ” – Training for students organized by the Transition2bio project in collaboration with Lazio Innova; Cluster SPRING, Novamont, ReSoil Foundation, BIOVOICES

8 March 2021 – Video Celebrating women who are promoting the bioeconomy

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO, BIOEASTsUP, POWER4BIO, Glaukos, MED Green Growth community

Others organisations involved: Bioladies Network, BBI JU, European Research Council, Cnr, Minerva, Asebio, FVA new media research, University of Hohenheim, Plankton First S.A., Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL ADVISORS, BETA Tech. Center , Woolcool, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Sustainable Innovations (SIE), Greek Bioeconomy Forum, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Bio-Integrated Design Lab, University College London, Novamont, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Bioeconomy Cluster, Keracol Ltd, Ananas Anam, Embassy of the Netherlands, Brebey, ROELMI HPC, Università degli Studi di Roma Unitelma Sapienza, PEDAL Consulting

30 March 2021 – The BIOVOICES Book for kids “What’s Bioeconomy?” – official launch event. The book, dedicated to children between 5 and 7 years old, was presented on March 30, 2021 (10.00 – 12.00) during an online event that has obtained the patronage of the European Parliament.

The book aims to explain the Bioeconomy and Bio-based products of daily use, while promoting sustainable lifestyles and consumption: in addition to children, the volume is also aimed at their parents and teachers, thanks also to the ad hoc training courses provided by the Transition2Bio project, which supports BIOVOICES in the dissemination of the book.

More info HERE

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES, Transition2BIO

10 March 2021 – Faster project training activity to Tunisian researchers in agrifood

EuBioNet members involved: FASTER, BIOVOICES, Transition2BIO

4 March 2021 – The Bioeconomy Innovation Week, a high-level virtual conference organised within the POWER4BIO project

More info HERE

EuBioNet members involved: Power4BIO, BIOVOICES, Biobridges, LIFT, Transition2BIO, BIOWAYS

24 February 2021 – EuBioNet participated in a meeting with Peter Wehrheim – Head of Unit “Food Systems and Bioeconomy” at European Commission, DG Research & Innovation
11 February 2021 – AlpBioEco final conference

More info HERE

EuBioNet members involved: AlpLinkBioEco, BIOVOICES, Biobridges, LIFT, Transition2BIO, BIOWAYS Allthings.bioPRO, GoDanuBio

27 January 2021 – Startupper School Academy 2021 – Training for teachers

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES,  Transition2BIO

“What is the circular bioeconomy and what are bio-based products?”: Why train professionals specialized in the Bioeconomy”: Training for teachers in collaboration with Lazio Innova; Cluster SPRING, Novamont, ReSoil Foundation, BIOVOICES

Startupper School Academy 2021 – Special Bioeconomy Prize. Also this year BIOVOICES and TRANSITION2BIO together with the European Bioeconomy Network, Re Soil Foundation, Novamont and Cluster SPRING have decided to support the Startupper School Academy Program, offering the special “Bioeconomy” prize, which aims to raise awareness of students for a more sustainable economic model that uses renewable resources as an alternative to the fossil ones. The activity includes training for teachers and high school students

More info HERE

EuBioNet members involved: BIOVOICES, Transition2BIO

Do you want to share activities or collaborations that took place thanks to the support of the European Bioeconomy Network?

Tell us more! We will report them in this page to inspire the other members.