AlpBioEco: Lego Serious Play Workshops about eco-innovative business models

The EU-Interreg project AlpBioEco aims to exploit untapped bioeconomic potentials in value chains of plant extracts and food trough eco-innovation. In the project, several eco-innovative business model concepts were developed by the project team in collaboration with local stakeholders, which were then tested and verified. Now, in the final phase of the project, all the results are brought together in several policy implementation guidelines. These guidelines support the implementation of several eco-innovative business models in selected regions and show possibilities to improve the framework conditions for eco-innovation in the region. In addition, the guidelines enable the transfer of the practical outcomes to other regions within the Alpine Space and beyond. For the development of the guidelines and the promotion of the implementation of the business models in the regions, AlpBioEco has set up ten so-called “Regional Advisory Boards”. Those “Regional Advisory Boards” comprise up to ten local experts, such as political decision makers, local entrepreneurs, farmers, innovation experts and academics, bringing together various experiences and in-depth knowledge. With their expertise, the Policy Implementation Guidelines are developed. To reach all the possible potential in the “Regional Advisory Boards”, AlpBioEco decided to use a creative approach: the design thinking tool called LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. This is an agile approach to solve challenges by using people’s collective insights and by addressing the challenges dynamically. For improving the AlpBioEco project, every member of the “Regional Advisory Board” is going to build – as the name implies from lego bricks – the current situation and status quo of the business model from his own point of view. Thereby, the workshop generates a 360°C all-round view of the status quo of the region by experts from various areas and sectors. The results of the workshops will contribute to the final “Regional Implementation Guidelines” set up by AlpBioEco.

As there are several “Regional Advisory Boards”, which focus on one business model in one region, there are also several dates for the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops, starting with 22 October 2020.

For more information, please contact:
Anna Bäuerle
AlpBioEco project coordinator
City of Sigmaringen

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