AlpBioEco Walnut Excursion to Malans & Frümsen, Switzerland

On Friday, 2nd October 2020, AlpBioEco organises a walnut excursion to Switzerland together with the project partner “BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) Regionalverbund Ravensburg Oberschwaben”. The excursion starts with a visit to the Competence Centre in Malans, where participants learn from the walnut producer Johannes Janggen from Malans about the processing of walnuts. In the following, there will be a visit to the “Nussdorf Frümsen” with Hans Oppliger, president of the “Nussdorf Frümsen” association. Here, participants will see not only different walnut products, but Hans Oppliger will also show for instance the walnut tree as the figurehead of the village, or talk about the walnut tree in architecture and art. Furthermore, there will be a short hiking trail along the future Frümsner Baumnussweg with 10 themes. AlpBioEco is looking forward to an interesting excursion!
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