Author: Peter Brady

World Bio Market Meetup

World Bio Market Meetup

World Bio Market Meetup 2021 – Meetings take place Dec 1st and 2nd

It’s not too late to join 400 international bioeconomy professionals at Market Meetup 2021 with no fees, no travel and no obligations.

We’ve launched the digital meeting service for the bioeconomy community, connecting bio-based businesses with an international audience of producers, brands, buyers, investors, manufacturers, and researchers.

Join with Free Access, Premium Access or Premium Plus. Contact one of the team at

We match individuals and connect companies to their next deal via a programme of pre-scheduled meetings. Meet with up to 20 people anywhere in the world via our Market Meetup matching tool, and be connected with just one click. Our meetups provide a cost effective platform for meeting people without the need for travel, hotels and additional expenses. Not only does it preserve your budget, but it’s great for the environment too.

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