BioTalks: Viable and resilient dairy farming

Welcome to our next BioTalks webinar (Friday September 22, 2023, at 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (EEST / UTC+3), where industry representatives along with specialists from research institutes discuss the development needs and opportunities at dairy farms to boost viability and resilience and to tackle the challenges of seasonal variation in milk production.

Changes in the operating environment challenge dairy farm entrepreneurs, but knowledge, skills and technology will ensure profitable operations also in the future. On BioTalks, we are on a mission to discover functional and profitable farm-level solutions for managing the seasonal variation in milk production. A steady production is more economically profitable for the dairy farm, but it can also enable a transformation throughout the production chain. Welcome to hear and discuss the business opportunities and latest research findings!

In this webinar we will also announce the upcoming ValioHackathon innovation competition aiming at finding concrete and effective ways to balance seasonality on farm level. Depending on the maturity of the idea, Valio offers Hackathon participants either the opportunity for business cooperation or the opportunity to start a joint project or pilot for testing the presented idea. – Welcome to solve the challenge!

BioTalks is a webinar series hosted by biobusiness accelerator BioPaavo by Jamk. The aim of the webinar is to bring like-minded people together, exchange knowledge, get inspired and perhaps start something new together!

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