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Help bioboost Moelven with a new packaging solution

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable future through new innovative packaging solutions? Then this is an innovation challenge for you. Help Moelven find a packaging solution that can protect and store their wooden interior panels.

Moelven is one of the Nordics’ leading wood industry companies. Among their products are wooden panels for indoor use, which can be found in several large hardware store chains. The packages are made of fossil-based plastic and are up to 5.4 meters long and 24.5 centimeters wide. Each year, one million packages are sold enclosed in the packaging.

Today, Moelven Wood packages these panels in fossil-based plastic. It fulfills the functional need but does not live up to Moelven’s own standards and the future’s demands for sustainability. Therefore, they seek alternative solutions to replace the packaging and are now turning to startups, companies, innovators, and researchers to find a solution.

“We want to find a sustainable solution that can meet the requirements for protection, moisture regulation, and visual presentation that is also cost-effective and scalable. It doesn’t have to be a “ready to use” solution that is offered, it can be an idea, a material, or a product that we can take a closer look at together”, says Tjalling Chaudron, product developer at Moelven Wood.

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