Choosing the right biomass feedstock strategy (webinar)

For any bio-based project, identifying the right feedstock strategy is a key aspect. One of the first steps to make the project viable is to secure a continuous and long-term supply of biomass. This ensures the plant runs efficiently and does not experience interruptions.

But biomass availability is complex to estimate. It is necessary to assess which feedstock is available close by to avoid high transport costs. The feedstock must also have sufficient quality and specific characteristics to meet the technical requirements of the plant. The cost and sustainability of the chosen biomass are equally crucial.

This webinar will explore all these key aspects drawing from the long-standing experience of three experts in biomass feedstocks. To join the webinar please register at this link. Registered participants will receive by email a link to join the webinar 1-2 hours before the scheduled start time.

The webinar is the first in a series called ‘From biomass to bio-based products’. Subsequent webinars will focus on: Developing a pyrolysis-based biorefinery (November), Making products out of lignin and sugars (January), Ensuring sustainability (March).



Sonja Germer, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)

Innovations in lignocellulosic biomass production: effects on costs, sustainability and acceptance

Lars Wietschel, University of Augsburg

Agroforestry residue potentials in the European Union: current status and future perspectives

Bart Tambuyser, CAPAX Biobased Development

Virtual pyrolysis plant locations: availability and quality of biomass

Chair: Bert Van de Beld, BTG Biomass Technology Group



This webinar is being organised as part of the Bio4Products project, which is testing the feasibility of a fast pyrolysis based biorefinery concept. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723070.

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