Digital living labs and data platforms future of forestry ?

Co-creation of experts

Forest Hack by Biobord was supported by sectoral agency Finnish Forest Centre that encouraged hackers for new data based solutions and use of new technologies within in the industry. What made this event different, was that most hackers were the experts of the industry and instead of coaching, event relied strongly to co-creation. Co-creation was supported with excellent keynotes from Jussi Lappalainen – Finnish Forest Centre and Sverker Danielsson – Mistra Digital Forest. Both keynotes painted the picture of current digitalization of the industry, as well as inspired for new innovations.


Accurate data and tracing quality as challenges

Two challenges were selected for hacking;

  • Methods for more detailed and accurate data from forests AND
  • Accurate data from forests and tracing quality for increased value creation

First challenge was solved in a transnational context between JAMK University of Applied Sciences (FI), TerraNor Kartanalyse (NO), Swedish Forest Agency (SWE), Glommen Mjøsen Skog (NO), PRO Civis (PL) and Luavia Ltd (FI). A digital forestry lab was seen as a potential solution for more detailed and accurate data from forest.

Second challenge was solved in a Swedish-Norwegian team, consisting of FeltGis Ltd. (NO), Fiskarhedens Trävaru Ltd (SWE), Tretorget Ltd (NO), PRO Civis (PL), Taigatech Ltd (SWE), Sør-Hedmark Næringshage (NO), Paper Province (SWE) and Kristiania University College (SWE). Their solution was a joint data platform for accurate data from forest and for better tracing quality for increased value creation.


Transnational co-operation as a result

Next step of the process is project planning between hackers. Several regional, national and transnational discussions and research are needed before funding can be applied but the most important step of finding joint understanding, has been established. Forest Hack by Biobord built a strong basis for the stakeholder co-operation and started, hopefully, a long joint journey towards more efficient and valuable forestry!


If you are interested, find us from Biobord!

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