GenB Common Ground Camp on Bioeconomy education

Are you a teacher, professor, formal or non-formal educator?
Are you interested in Bioeconomy education?

Join the GenB Common Ground Camp which will take place next Feb 21 – 22, 2023 from 8.00 CET/9:00 AM EET. First day is in hybrid format, second day there will be a co-creation workshop live in Athens.

Agenda and registration at this link.

This is a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge among formal and non-formal educators, for the future Generation Bioeconomy.

As part of the GenB project, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature is conducting a two-day Common Ground Camp to promote bioeconomy practices in school settings and foster a future generation that is enthusiastic about bioeconomy and adopts more sustainable habits and lifestyles.

This participatory workshop will focus on the exchange of information, presentation of inspirational examples as well as the co-creation of innovative methods and approaches.

The Common Ground Camp is aimed at both formal and non-formal education communities (universities, education policymakers and regional authorities, school administrators, teachers, and other multipliers such as museums, science communicators, youth organizations, and community groups), as well as EU-funded projects/initiatives.

Through this workshop, we intend to raise awareness about the necessity of enhancing bioeconomy through educational settings, facilitate the sharing and adoption of best practices, and obtain new insights on teaching, learning, and spreading the word about bioeconomy.

The Common Ground Camp will consist of two sections:

  1. Keynote talks and presentation of inspirational practices
  2. Group work and co-creation

It is anticipated that by providing background information on the bioeconomy as well as examples of the innovative educational and awareness raising tools that have been developed so far in the framework of EU funded projects, fresh perspectives on how to teach, learn, and disseminate information about the bioeconomy will emerge.

The Common Ground Camp will take place in Athens, Greece on February 21st and 22nd, 2023, and will be held in English.

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