How to develope bioeconomy online ?

How to develop bioeconomy online ?

Current world events have directed us more and more to online working from home and this has created a growing need for alternative solutions for working. How about in the field of bioeconomy ? How can you do transnational innovation and development work if travelling is out of options ?

Interreg Baltic Sea funded RDI2CluB -project has a one solution: an online platform for open bioeconomy innovation –

Biobord’s mission is to bring together bioeconomy developers to a joint table to solve global and local challenges with bioeconomy innovations. Biobord connects bioeconomy innovation networks around the Baltic Sea Region to share ideas, find partners and work together to create business opportunities. Together we build knowledge and raise awareness on sustainable and viable bioeconomy business potential in Baltic Sea Region.

Biobord offers an open discussion forum that includes matchmaking possibilities, transnational networking, knowledge sharing, joint innovation, a place to announce bioeconomy webinars and many other ways to co-operate with our growing network.

The transnational network consists at this moment of six regions around Baltic Sea Region: Finland, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and as a latest addition Sweden. Biobord has a vast amount of knowledge from many different fields of bioeconomy, and there are members representing all aspects (local authorities, SME’s …). The network and its knowledge, online tools and the open innovation atmosphere is now in you use!

Registering is easy and doesn’t cost a thing.

Biobord can be used anywhere and anytime with a computer or a mobile device, all you need is an online connection. Perhaps, it is time to move the bioeconomy innovation to an online form as well ?


Riikka Kumpulainen
Project Manager RDI2CluB
The Institute of Bioeconomy, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences
Biobord: @riikkakumpulainen

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