It is time for a rural renaissance!

The RDI2CluB project has released the Impact Report that highlights the efforts of a growing network of different actors in developing the bio economy innovation ecosystem and solutions around the Baltic Sea Region. The Impact Report has been created in close cooperation with the Finnish start-up company AskKauko and it features a new approach that blends storytelling, visuality, open data and interactivity. The Impact Report is available here.

“It’s time for a rural renaissance. From clean air and water to beautiful, bountiful landscapes, we believe that rural areas are invaluable. Rural communities can also drive economic growth by helping to create smart bio economy solutions,” says the introduction to the Impact Report. For three years, since the launch of RDI2CluB project, the partner regions from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Norway and Poland have been building a network of actors – researchers, entrepreneurs, business developers, policy and decision makers – and a set of innovative tools and methods to reinvigorate rural areas and nurture their economies while contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

The Impact Report showcases solutions developed as a result of transnational cooperation and co-creation among the bio economy regions of Central Finland, Inland Region in Norway, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Poland, Vidzeme Region in Latvia and Estonia:

  • Biobord– an online forum where researchers, entrepreneurs, and business developers can meet and collaborate on innovative bio economy solutions that benefit all of us
  • Waakku – a mobile application for connecting rural entrepreneurs with services and workforce;
  • Promoting biomass heating to improve air quality and living standards for residents in spa towns in Poland;
  • Using advanced technology and knowledge sharing to promote high-value organic farming in Latvia;
  • Developing an international, multidisciplinary and multisectoral network for the sustainable management of wildlife populations in the Northern Hemisphere.


RDI2CluB project (Rural RDI milieus in transition towards smart bioeconomy clusters and innovation ecosystems), is part of the Interreg Baltic Sea region project family of 2014-2020 under the Priority 1 “Capacity for innovation” that is dedicated to actions strengthening the ability of the Baltic Sea Region to create and commercialize innovation.

Our aim is to connect bio economy innovation networks to share ideas, find partners and work together to create business opportunities in bio economy. Together we build knowledge and raise awareness on sustainable and viable bio economy business potential in the Baltic Sea Region. To enable international cooperation, we have created an open international digital platform called Biobord, which is being tested and scaled up together with small and medium size enterprises within the RDI2CluB project.


More information:

Riikka Kumpulainen, Project Manager of RDI2CluB


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