Join the Glaukos project and BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE workshop: “Marine-friendly biopolymers: characteristics and challenges”

Next 23 June 2023 join the workshop “Marine-friendly biopolymers: characteristics and challenges”, organized by Glaukos project and Bio-Plastics Europe, in collaboration with the European Bioplastics Research Network and the European Bioeconomy Network.

The workshop will take place from 9.00 to 12.00 CEST, online.

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What are the characteristics that marine-friendly biopolymers should have to become a potential solution to prevent and eliminate pollution in the oceans and waters, responding to EU Mission Ocean’s objectives?

In the last years, the EC is funding several projects and initiatives to investigate under which conditions bio-based and biodegradable plastics can contribute to reduce pollution in our ecosystems. Nevertheless, the timescale for biodegradation of unintentional released bioplastics is not short enough in marine environment and doesn’t sufficiently respond to market needs (performance, durability, etc.). In parallel, additional challenges should be considered (e.g. risk assessment, sustainability of bio-based feedstock, programmed biodegradation, standardisation in different environments, ecotoxicity, environmental persistence, entanglement and ghost fishing).

In the search for solutions to these challenges, during this workshop, researchers and stakeholders will be involved in a round table to discuss what are the characteristics and challenges that should be addressed for the definition of marine-friendly biopolymers.

The open discussion will be moderated by Glaukos and Bio-Plastics Europe experts and will be structured along the following topics:

  • Definition of marine friendly biopolymers
  • Programmed biodegradation
  • Ecotoxicity and overall risk assessment
  • Standardisation and labelling of marine-friendly biopolymers
  • EU projects recommendations for future policies on marine-friendly biopolymers
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