KETBIO biotech webinar “Fish feed on trees” / “organic wet-waste recycling”

1.Future fish grows on trees (Björn Alriksson, RISE Processum)

The depletion of the fish stocks in the oceans has led to an intensified interest in novel feed ingredients for fish feed  in  aquaculture.The Swedish Innovation organisation RISE Processum is exploring a technology concept of turning wood into food by utilizing industrial residual streams for production of Single cell protein Single cell protein can be used as a sustainable substitute for conventional protein sources such as fishmeal and soy protein in fish feed.The technology concept has been proved at lab, pilot and demonstration scale and commercialization opportunities are currently being discussed.

2. Biocoal and biogas from wet organic waste (Peter Axegård, C-green)

C-Green has developed a process that converts wet biowaste from effluent treatment plants, biogas plants and manure into dry, sterile and odorless BIOCAOL. The wet oxidation not only produce heat by exothermal reaction lowering the COD-content in separated water, it also produces organic acids that will increase production of biogas. The GHG footprint is positive due production of biocoal and biogas and that GHG emissions from current sludge handling are reduced.Incineration of the biocoal makes it possible to utilize the energy content and nutrients in the sludge without spreading environmentally harmful substances and pathogens. The technology is now applied in demo scale at StoraEnso’s fluting mill (Heinola, Finland).

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Webinar Start : 08/05/2020 12:00

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