POWER4BIO webinar series: biochemicals. Biochemicals: status-quo at EU level and roadmap

Training Webinar 1: Biochemicals: status-quo at EU level and roadmap
Tuesday, June 30; 9:00 am – 10:30 CEST

In this first POWER4BIO training webinar about biochemicals, we will provide an overview of the development of biochemicals in Europe and outline keys aspects to increase their share on the chemicals market. Between 2017-2019, a roadmap has been developed to guide the chemical industry how to increase the share of bio-based or renewable feedstock for organic chemicals up to 25% in 2030. We will present the development, scope and results of the roadmap and discuss the short, medium and long-term strategic actions for bio-based cosmetics, paints and agrochemicals and the role of the key actors influencing their development.

• Welcome: Ms. Laura García and Dr. Nora Szarka – DBFZ (10 min)
• RoadtoBio: Dr.-Ing. Lea König – DECHEMA e.V. and Ms. Yamini Panchaksharam – E4tech (UK) (30 min; 10 min Q&A)
• Ms. Ilaria Re: EU Project Office Director from Consorzio Italbiotec (30 min; 10 min Q&A)

For more information, please visit our news entry about the webinar series.

You can register for the training webinar under the following link:

If any questions remain, please feel free to contact Ms. Laura García: laura.garcia@dbfz.de

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