SUSTRACK INSPIRE Conference: let’s inspire and be inspired!

Are you a stakeholder involved or interested in plastics, construction, textile, and chemical sectors? Join SUSTRACK INSPIRE Conference to have your say on what is really important for promoting a sustainable transition!

SUSTRACK is organising the INSPIRE Conference, designed to explore the insights of the circular bioeconomy, combining the research findings with current project developments and forward-looking pathways. The event will be held online on November, 16th, 2023, from 09:00 to 16:00 CET.

The INSPIRE Conference will be organised in different sessions:

  • Two plenary sessions, in order dive deep into latest findings of SUSTRACK project on:
    • Limits, barriers, drivers, benefits, gaps towards sustainable transition;
    • Existing EU monitoring framework and gaps on indicators and methods used to monitor and evaluate circular bioeconomy;
    • Selected case studies;
    • Methodologies, models and results for policy scenarios developed by SUSTRACK;
  • Sectorial and interactive Co-creation workshops to discuss the case studies;
  • Sectorial and interactive Scenario workshops to discuss and verify the policy scenarios developed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate and network with other frontrunners in the field! As participants of the INSPIRE Conference, you are not just observers but active contributors to the realm of circular bioeconomy. Your input, perspectives, and collaborative spirit can be the catalyst for impactful change and can shape sustainable policies for a brighter and greener future!

Interested? Take a deeper look at the agenda and register here before 13 November to join us!

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