Webinar: Creating impact with biobased democases

Next 30 september 2021 The Bioeconomy Pilot in the Vanguard Initiative will organize the webinar “Creating impact with biobased democases” as part of the morning workshop programme of the Lustrum edition of Natural Fibertastic Event.


09.00 Intro to Vanguard and Bioeconomy Pilot by Ilaria Re,EU Project Director Vanguard Initiative
09.10 Lignocellulosic Biorefinery democase

  • Fibers – Rob Elias, Director Biocomposite Center, Bangor, Wales region.
  • Lignin to asphalt – Willem Sederel, Chair Circular Biobased Delta, South Netherlands region

09.30 Bioaromatics case – Ludo Diels, Senior Research Leader Vito, Flanders
09.40 Liquified Biomethane – Maurizio Bettiga, Chief Innovation Officer at Italbiotec SrL, Lobardy region
09.50 Update from one of the regions – Varmland region, Sweden (to be confirmed)
10.00 Questions and dialogue
10.30 Closure

The meeting takes place via Teams.

More info and registration here

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