World Bioproduct Day: submit your bioproduct!

The World BioEconomy Forum is promoting this year’s World Bioproduct Day in a collaboration with Biovoices. The initiative is also supported by Transition2Bio, The European Bioeconomy Network and the SPRING – Italian Cluster of Circular Bioeconomy. During the campaign any stakeholders of the circular bioeconomy can share their story of their favourite bioproduct via social media by using the hashtag #bioproductday2022 and/or #bioproductday. The ten most interesting stories will be interviewed by Biovoices and the three most interesting stories selected by the World BioEconomy Forum will have the opportunity to showcase their bioproduct story at the World BioEconomy Forum 2022.

World Bioproduct day 07 July 2022 – Key Facts

The World Bioproduct Day was launched in 2021 to be held annually on 7 July. The purpose of bioproduct day is to raise awareness of the importance of bioproducts around us and how they contribute to the larger goal of environmental sustainability and climate action via social media campaign. The Forum recognises the importance of
the role of bio-based products in superseding non-renewable options. Through the adoption of more bio-based materials we can move towards solutions that are more sustainable and healthier for us and the planet by stepping away from fossil fuel feedstocks.

We encourage individuals, companies, institutes, and other organizations to share their narrative on their favourite bioproducts by using the hashtag “#bioproductday2022” on their social media platforms. This year, the social media campaign is going to be coordinated from 7 June to 7 July 2022. The campaign for this year is to be officially launched on 30 May 2022.

The social media campaign is arranged via the following social media platforms:

We invite interested parties to share their narrative and experience on the selected social media channels by using the hashtag #bioproductday2022. The posts should showcase a bioproduct(s) which you want to share as part of either your own personal experience or on behalf of your company’s/institutes.

We request that the post includes some basic information of the bioproduct case:

  • A photo(s) and/or a short videoclip of the bioproduct
  • A short text on what your bioproduct is, what it does, and why is it your favourite bioproduct?

In addition, you are also welcomed to provide your case by submitting it directly via email to All submissions must be written in English and must exclusively be submitted the respective social media platforms mentioned or via email. The PR & Media manager will be responsible for overseeing all submissions.

The campaign will be organised by World Bioeconomy Forum and Biovoices and supported by international parties including:

The World BioEconomy Forum will select three favourites out of all the posts and submissions which will be displayed at the World Bioeconomy Forum 2022 in the beginning of the third session, Bioproducts around us.

Biovoices will organise interviews with their top 10 favourite submissions.


02 June 2022: Official launch for Bioproduct day and submissions open
7 June – 7 July 2022: Bioproduct day campaign
7 July 2022: World Bioproduct Day
July 2022 Bioproduct day and favourite cases announced



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