AGRIMAX Training Webinar for End Users

AGRIMAX Training Webinar for End Users

Webinar training session on agricultural byproducts valorisation through bio-refineries. This training session aims to share the results on Circular Bioeconomy obtained in the
AGRIMAX project to be used in the food industry or for packaging companies.

Date: 1st July, 2021; Time: 9:0 h to 13.00 h (CEST)

Registration: Link to Registration Form

Platform: ZOOM Webinar

Languages: English, Spanish (translation available)


8.45 Opening of the waiting room
9.00 Agricultural cooperatives as suppliers and consumers of bioproducts – Mr. Antoni
Galceran. R&D board representative. Catalan Federation of Agricultural
Cooperatives (FCAC)
9.10 Goals and organization of the webinar – Mr. Domènec Vila. FCAC
9.20 Presentation of the biorefinery processes in AGRIMAX. Description of the pilot
plants developed. Mr. Andreas Staebler. FRAUNHOFFER
Food applications module
9.50 Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction of polyphenols from olive waste at pilot scale – Mr.
Óscar Rodriguez . IRIS Technology Solutions SL
10.20 Agrimax Spanish Pilot Plant: food ingredients and bio-fertilisers from by-products –
Mr. Antonio Cruz. INDULLEIDA SA
10.50 Validation and demostration for food products – Mrs. Ingrid Aguiló, Mrs. Maribel
Abadias and Mrs. Gemma Echeverria IRTA
11.20 Break
Packaging applications module
11.30 Valorization of ferulic acid from wheat bran to obtain bio-based polymers for
packaging applications – Mr. Claudio Gioia. Università di Bologna
12.10 Fine-tuning of bio-waste derived compounds as materials for industrial
processing of sustainable packaging Applications – Mrs. Soraya Sanchez. ITENE
12.50 Conclusions – Mr. Domènec Vila. FCAC
13.00 End of session

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