Biobord network: Digital Forestry – joint agenda

Biobord network: Digital Forestry – joint agenda

Second joint agenda of the Biobord network is now out! The second agenda, improving performance by facilitating innovations closing digital gaps and streamlining data-use (in the forestbased value chain), focuses to solve the wicked problem of the industry, recognized by the three partner regions of the ConnectedByBiobord -project:

” The digital value chain in the forest industry does not have a continuous flow of information: The potential for increased economic, social, and environmental sustainability is significant. The technical solutions for data collection, storage and sharing are largely developed or under development. Many actors seek to solve the technical challenges associated with the gaps in the digital value chain, while the organizational challenges remain unresolved. This is the wicked problem in the digital value chain of forestry. ” – Technology report of the Forest Group, ConnectedByBiobord.

Involved partners are:
Norwegian Wood Cluster (Tretorget)
Paper Province
JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Bioeconomy, and ICT Institute
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Please find the joint agenda canvas, and supporting Technology Analysis -report from here:

If you are interest to join us to solve this wicked problem, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Riikka Kumpulainen
Project Manager RDI2CluB & ConnectedByBiobord, network secretary of Biobord network
Phone & Whatsapp +358 505759454

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