BBI JU Stakeholder Forum CSAs workshop

Egg Congress and Meeting Center                                                                                           Brussel 3 December


The role of Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) is fundamental in supporting bio-based industries grow and the market-uptake, because these projects tackle strategic aspects and cross-cutting challenges fundamental to boost the Bioeconomy. Despite of the considerable amount of high-quality knowledge generated by the CSAs in the different programmes, a global, integrated and structured vision of their results is missing. CSAs outputs are often not easily available, neither integrated among CSAs, nor transparent and promoted among the stakeholders. To create a coherent and stimulating ‘environment’ for a sustainable bio-based industry in Europe, better knowledge circulation and collaboration among CSAs, funded under different programmes should be encouraged to provide a global picture, maximise the impact of CSAs results and provide an integrated overview of gaps that should be addressed, providing evidence-based recommendations for the incoming calls.

To address the above-mentioned challenge, LIFT project contributes to maximise the impact of CSA by valorising their outcomes and promoting the collaboration among them, aiming at identifying gaps to be addressed to ensure a stimulating environment boosting the Bio-Based economy.

In the context of the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019, LIFT project is organising, in close collaboration with BBI JU, a Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Workshop among the CSA projects, as well as selected non-CSA projects funded under different programmes, promoting the creation of an innovation ecosystem for the bioeconomy.

38 CSAs will present the lessons learnt from their projects and will discuss the challenges still to be addressed for bioeconomy uptake in 4 facilitated sessions, involving more that 350 participants.

The parallel sessions will address the following topics:

  • Communication and  education
  • Policy framework
  • From research to market
  • Value chains and innovation ecosystem

The workshop is supported by the European Bioeconomy Network, BIOVOICES and Biobridges projects

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