BioBeo project

This project ends on: 30/04/2025

Innovative education for the bioeconomy

BioBeo introduces new thinking and approaches in education on the circular bioeconomy across Europe. While strategically overcoming the institutional and cultural barriers to implementing relevant circular bioeconomy education programs in preschool, primary, and secondary schools, we are defining and delivering novel curricula in schools. Our aim is to enhance young people’s and citizens‘ involvement in policy-making for bioeconomy.

BioBeo is a two and a half-year project with 15 partners with the aim to develop and deploy an education programme to enhance engagement across society regarding lifestyle, circularity and bioeconomy, using 5 bioeconomy themes:

  • Interconnectedness
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Forestry
  • Life Below Water
  • The Food Loop

Partners are committed to promoting the bioeconomy concept and will co-create and co-deliver the programme. BioBeo will provide better coordination between bio-science and education in schools by developing the Circular Economy Science-Society message with a particular focus on circular lifestyle and behaviours, and a governance framework on society-wide engagement in bioeconomy policy. BioBeo addresses social issues such as gender bias, disadvantaged youth groups, migrants and members of society with additional needs.

Tom Curran: