Biobord Innovation Process Guide out now!

The innovation process guide is a practical handbook for planning and organizing innovation processes that connect different stakeholders to a co-creation dialogue. The innovation process is built on an iterative process involving 3 phases:

1) Co-learning (definition of problems and solutions);

2) Co-design (testing, piloting, validating solutions); and

3) Co-effectuate (analyzing viability, desirability, and feasibility).

In each step, a strong stakeholder dialogue is necessary.

The framework for our innovation process builds on the expertise of Krinova Incubators and Science Park with regards to the innovation process and on the expertise of JAMK University of Applied Sciences with regards to organizing collaborative learning and co-creation dialogue online. This expertise was applied in three innovation pilots implemented in ConnectedByBiobord -project during spring 2021.

Our innovation process knows no borders

The innovation pilots connected expert teams and stakeholders from at least three regions and countries to work together on defining and solving innovation challenges in the field of bioeconomy. All co-working took place completely online. The guide elaborates on the experiences of these practitioners when applying the innovation process and selected working methods for creative co-working in international teams and for building stakeholder dialogue in online setting.

Study our Innovation Toolbox!

In the guide, we present the steps of an international innovation process and the co-learning approaches implemented in the three innovation pilots. Finally, we introduce some of our working methods in detail – hackathon, field demonstration and the Joint Agenda Canvas. The working methods are presented with checklists for organizers compiled based on the pilot experiences. The working methods are defined with special consideration to the cross-cultural and cross-sectoral communication, as well as the online settings.

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Download the innovation process guide here: Biobord Partner Guide 3: Innovation Process

Learning starts here!

Innovation guide is a tool for us in the Biobord Network that supports planning and implementing future co-operation initiatives and projects as well as the co-working on our joint agendas. Furthermore, the guide offers practically applicable insights for innovation actors from the fields of academy, policy, and business.

We hope you enjoy taking part in our innovation journey and are inspired to start planning international innovation co-operation with us!

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