Biobord partners are developing an innovative approach for monitoring of wild and free-ranging animals

The currently applied methods for monitoring the populations of wild animals and free-ranging livestock are time and cost intensive. That limits the opportunities for effective monitoring and data-based decision making in wildlife management and connected business areas, such as forestry, agriculture, and recreational hunting. New technologies such as drone-based remote sensing can help to improve evidence-based decision making and allow co-operation opportunities for sustainable management of animal populations.


As part of the ConnectedByBiobord project, four partner organizations from Latvia, Finland, Norway, and Poland joined their forces to develop an innovative, technology-based approach for the detection and monitoring of wild animals and free-ranging livestock.


The video documents the main challenges tackled with the help of technologies, the obtained results and the most important lessons learnt – . Based on this experience, the partners have developed a plan for further cooperation to continue exploring and exploiting the technological capabilities for more sustainable management of natural resources. If you find this theme and our ideas interesting, do not hesitate to contact the Biobord network.


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