Bioeconomy and its trade-offs towards meeting the Paris Agreement and the SDGs

INSA Toulouse November 19, 2019

This 1-d scientific event is a spin-off of the first Advisory Board Meeting of the Make Our Planet Great Again Project Cambioscop. It aims to gather students, researchers, politicians as well as bioeconomy stakeholders around a collective discussion on the various societal issues at stake in a future where all carbon needs of societies are supplied without fossil resources, in an endeavor to reach carbon (and greenhouse gases) neutrality. The seminar will take a broad perspective over bioeconomy and gather World experts of sustainable agriculture intensification, land use changes, bio-based materials, life cycle assessment, bioenergy and biofuels, decarbonized energy systems, soil carbon storage and climate science, among others. The seminar aims to foster our understanding of the key criteria that should guide the development of bioeconomy (in France and elsewhere) in the future.  Some of the key questions to be discussed include:

  • Can we supply the carbon needs of society without fossil resources while remaining within planetary boundaries? What are the key trade-offs?
  • What are the current products and services supplied without fossil carbon, and what are the business models around those?
  • What indicator should be used to measure the performance of bioeconomy and how could the sustainable development goals be used to this end?
  • Towards carbon neutrality: what can we realistically expect from soils?
  • What should France absolutely consider in order to sustainably develop its bioeconomy business model?

For the scientific part, please contact:
Dr. Lorie Hamelin, sustbioeco2019 Scientific Organizer

For registration information, please contact the registration secretary:
Mrs. Patricia JARRYsustbioeco2019 Organization secretary
INSA SAIC, 135 Avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4, France


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