BIOVOICES national workshop at Forum Buy Green Compraverde: The bioeconomy in Italy: incentives, laws, norms

The BIOVOICES project is organising the Mutual Mobilization and Learning Workshop entitled “The bioeconomy in Italy: incentives, laws, norms” that will be held on October 17, 2019, in the afternoon in Rome as part of the Compraverde Buy Green 2019, the most important European and national event dedicated to public and private Green Procurement policies, projects, goods and services.

The day aims to be a moment of sharing knowledge about the experiences, the regulations and the existing laws at national and European level, and the necessities to push the development of the bioeconomy at national level.

Many speech are planned and discussion tables from which the needs and opportunities that the bioeconomy can open can be highlighted. The initial interventions will stimulate the discussion of the mutual learning workshop, which, using a participatory approach, will make it possible to understand the regulations, laws, practices and needs that emerge at Italian and European level in relation to the bioeconomy.

Please register and find the preliminary agenda here:

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