Open survey for the Blue Bioeconomy Forum roadmap

The Blue Bioeconomy focusses on novel and innovative uses of renewable biological resources in aquatic and marine environments to develop food, feed and non-food products, including among others, chemicals, fertilisers, building materials, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum brings together different stakeholders in the blue bioeconomy to further the development of this promising sector. We are engaging with the community to better understand the challenges that all the different actors face in promoting growth and business opportunities, as well as research challenges that hamper the roll-out of new innovations. We organised an event on 7 December 2018 to gather input and held workshops on 11-12 March to further gather detailed information for this roadmap.

Now we would like to engage with the wider community (of which you are part) to help us shape the content of the roadmap, to be presented on 25 June in Brussels.

We would highly appreciate your input! Please help us further explain and understand the potential of the blue bioeconomy. You can do so by filling in this survey and/or forwarding it to a colleague. The survey is intended for members of the business and research community who are active in the blue bioeconomy.

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the Blue Bioeconomy Forum Secretariat.

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