Call for Solutions in Cosun Beet Hackathon powered by BioBoosters

Meet and Beat Cosun Beet´s sweet Challenges!

At COSUN BEET HACKATHON we invite you to offer solutions how to turn sugar beet residues into valuable resources instead of waste. Join us in this exciting opportunity to tackle Cosun Beet’s sweet challenges.

We are open to exploring new business opportunities and research collaborations.

The registration is now open to compete for the best idea or innovation that can solve the challenge Transforming sugar beet residues from waste to value.

What is Cosun Beet and what is the challenge about?

The Cosun Beet Company’s Anklam site processes sugar beets into white sugar, bioethanol, and biomethane, resulting in various biogenic residues. Approximately 2 million tons of sugar beets are processed each year from September to January, with intermediate products stored and bioethanol and biomethane produced throughout the year.

The goal is to transform the factory into a green biorefinery, offering a diverse product portfolio for different markets. Cosun Beet aims to provide sustainable and climate-friendly products for various purposes by exploring new technologies, solutions, and partnerships to convert the residues into valuable resources. Therefore, Cosun Beet Company is actively searching for providers who can offer innovative concepts, technologies, and equipment to effectively utilize the specified residues.

“Our mission is to use the full potential of plants in a transparent, circular way. We call this The Plant Positive Way”, says Matthias Sauer, CEO of Cosun Beet.

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