Launch Webinar – Nando Hackathon powered by BioBoosters

Nando Hackathon – Reducing Overfertilization by Innovative Solutions

Open webinar on 21/03/2024 at 13.00 CET

Join us for a Launch Webinar as we kick off the Nando Hackathon, focusing on the urgent issue of overfertilization in European agriculture. 🌍💡

🌾Webinar Highlights:
– Presenting the BioBoosters hackathon concept.
– Unveiling the challenges posed by overfertilization in European agriculture.
– Exploring the innovative solutions required to address water pollution, soil degradation, biodiversity loss, and human health concerns.
– Introduction to Nando’s mission and commitment to sustainable practices in crop and livestock production.
– Presenting of the Nando’s hackathon challenge.

🎤 Speakers:
– “The BioBoosters concept” – Anna Aalto, Jyväskylä University of Applied Science;
– “Soil Health in Agricultural Ecosystems” Dr. Žydrė Kadžiulienė, Lithuanian Research Centre of Agriculture and Forestry;
– “BioCash project: Bio-economy and Circular Agriculture for Soil Health” – Dr. Karolina Barčauskaitė, Lithuanian Research Centre of Agriculture and Forestry;
– “Presentation of the Challenge of the Nando Hackathon” – Jonas Ignatavičius, Head of Innovations at Nando.

🚀 Why Attend?
– Gain a deep understanding of the environmental and agricultural sustainability challenges.
– Learn about Nando’s mission and their role in developing biostimulants, surfactants, and chemical products to combat overfertilization.
– Be part of a community dedicated to fostering innovative solutions for a sustainable future.
– Get more information if you are interested in participating in Nando Hackathon.

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