ConCirMy Survey on “Sustainability-oriented product decisions and sustainability software”

The ConCirMy (Configurator for the Circular econoMy) research project opened a survey on “Sustainability-oriented product decisions and sustainability software”. The contributions will support the research on the promotion of environmentally friendly products and the development of sustainability software.

You can participate to the survey via this link.

ConCirMy is particularly focused on promoting circular economy products (e.g. products made of recycled or recyclable materials). In addition, it aims to promote products of the bioeconomy (bio-based products), which we understand to be products which are, wholly or in part, made using resources of biological origin and can substitute products traditionally made with fossil resources.

ConCirMy is funded by the ReziProK (‘Resource-efficient Circular Economy – Innovative Product Cycles’) measure of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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