Results of the Workshop “Paving the way towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education”

Last March 15th 2022 the EuBioNet organized the workshop “Paving the way towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education“, in collaboration with Transition2Bio, the European Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education, BIOSKILLS, BIOBec and the European Bioeconomy University (EBU).

This workshop involved projects and initiatives interested in the intersection of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) and Sustainable Education (SE), with a special focus on circular and sustainable bioeconomy. The aim was to identify how the cross-fertilisation of EE and SE can help design educational curricula and extra-curricular activities for sustainability-minded entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

During the workshop several projects and initiatives were involved in the presentation of inspirational case studies in order to share good practices and increase knowledge about the topic in a mutual learning activity. An interactive discussion enabled to collect suggestions and inputs in order to generate ideas towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education.

The Agenda is available at this link.

The results of the workshop are available for consultation and you can read the report here.
Find at this link the PDF collecting all the contributions from the speakers and the participants.
You can also download the PDF of the contributions collected in the MIRO board at this link.
The recordings of the entire workshop are available here.

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