COOPID Bioeconomy Conference

Next 31st of May COOPID organises the final event of the project after 2.5 years of work: the COOPID Bioeconomy Conference, an official #EUGreenWeek 2023 Partner Event.


COOPID is an H2020-funded project active since January 2021 with the mission to foster the development of the bioeconomy in the agri-food sector. With this goal, the project has implemented a strategy based on a cascading multiplier effect:

  1. The selection of 11 real successful businesses in the EU and the organisation of visits to these cases. Participants raised to more than 500.
  2. An ambassador programme with primary producers (127 #COOPIDambassadors) and more than 1500 impacts.
  3. The production of high-quality resources (>4000 downloads & views) and a supportive digital project presence.

Why Join Us?

Participate in person in the final project conference where the results of 2.5 years of work will be presented.

  1. Take part in a debate with experts on challenges faced by primary producers in the bioeconomy & business opportunities that are on the rise.
  2. Connect with key players in the sector.
  3. Find out first-hand what are the recommendations produced by the COOPID project
  4. Visit the project exhibition, and take home all the videos, resources and materials produced by the COOPID project.

Who Is This Event For?

  • Primary producers
  • Policy makers
  • Agri-food cooperatives
  • Organisations in the agri-food sector
  • EU Projects
  • Industry and academia

Other Key Events on the Same Day in Brussels: The 2023 EU AgriResearch Conference

The 31 May 2023 (13:30 CEST – 1 June 2023, 18:00 CEST), the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (European Commission) is organizing the 2023 edition of the EU AgriResearch Conference: “This year’s edition will give participants the opportunity to engage with scientists, farmers, rural communities, industry, advisors, policymakers, citizens and NGO representatives.” (European Commission)

The agenda of the COOPID Bioeconomy Conference (09.00-12:30) and the 2023 EU AgriResearch Conference (13:30-18:00) are compatible, with the venues are 15 minutes walk apart: if interested, you can enjoy both agri-food events in your day in Brussels.

More information on the 2023 EU AgriResearch Conference here.

Where To Find More About COOPID?

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