GenB project

This project ends on: 30/04/2025

Informing and educating young people on more sustainable behaviours and choices to build a future Generation informed and interested in Bioeconomy

GenB aims to raise the Generation Bioeconomy aware on environmental issues co-creating innovative approaches in cooperation with young people, parents, teachers and other formal and non-formal education professionals. GenB widely communicates and engages the society, create synergies with other projects and initiatives, consolidate the GenB education model, produce policy recommendations targeting Ministries of Education and other policy makers.


  • Co-create approaches and tools through the cooperation between children, parents, teachers and other education professionals, to provide educational and informational toolkits;
  • Raise awareness of students at all stages on the environmental, social and economic benefits of sustainable and circular bioeconomy and its sectors;
  • Increase interest among new generations to join education and training on bioeconomy, create new ways of attracting talent in the life science, technology and the bioeconomy opportunities;
  • Maximise the project’s impacts towards behavioural and socio-economic changes by sparking multipliers and GenB networks and ensuring exploitation of project’s outcomes


Chiara Pocaterra: