ICA CoP Bio-Edu WEBINAR (follow-up): Status and Future of Bioeconomy Education – Learning from EU projects

As the follow-up to the webinars held on 4 and 5 November, the Association for European Life Science Universities and the European Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education, with the support of EuBioNet, will held the Workshop “Status and Future of Bioeconomy Education – Learning from EU projects“, which will take place on Friday 19 November 2021 from 9.00 CET.

The Workshop aims to consolidate the current perspective for innovation in education for the Bioeconomy at all levels from schools through vocational education and training (VET), universities, life-long learning and society in general through an open discussion among bioeconomy education stakeholders.

At this link you can download the agenda.

Topics to be discussed as result of the Webinar in the Workshop

In the two previous webinars the focus was on how projects have impacted on the different target groups and identification of the need for new developments in education for the sustainable circular Bioeconomy.

As a result of the discussion the following topics and questions – among others – have been identified, that need to be addressed in the community of Educators:

  • Communication with respect to terminology and Acronyms. Do the different
    stakeholder have the same understanding about topics of the bioeconomy? How are
    “sustainability” and “circular economy” perceived in relation to the bioeconomy? Are
    related acronyms (like “SDG” or the acronyms of the projects) known and used?
  • How to inform/educate the different recipient levels (public, school pupils, students,
    employees, industry, politicians, funding organizations, investors etc.): To whom?
    When? What to deliver?
  • Is there a special focus for Bioeconomy in the macroregions (like CEE) and/or rural
    regions and does this have an impact on the delivery of Bioeconomy education? What
    counts as Bioeconomy in the different marcroregions? Should low value bioproducts
    be integrated? And how can education support the development of high value,
    innovative bio-products in these regions? How can politicians be convinced about the
    need to transition to the sustainable circular Bioeconomy and away from the fossil
    fuel economy?
  • How to realise “post project exploitation of results”, which includes the use of
    different platforms and the need of maintenance. How much is this a prerequisite for
    future developments? How can we benefit more from the achieved tools and
    knowledge? And how to integrate this in the development of new projects?

Expected outcomes

  • Guidance in embedding the outcomes of the bioeconomy educational projects in
    curricular and other learning environments
  • Extracting opinions and suggestions on designing new projects on bioeconomy
  • Enhancing and vitalizing networks in bioeconomy education in Europe to promote
    structures which push the development of thematic priorities relating to bioeconomy
    education in EC frameworks.


Please register online for the Webinar at https://forms.gle/WnuD7AwwDmDytpYeA .
There is no registration fee. Participants of the Webinar (Part A) will receive the login-information of the workshop automatically.

The deadline for new registrations for the Workshop is 17 November @ 17.00.
You will be sent a link to the Webinar venue by email on Thursday 18 November.
The Webinar will be managed from Avans University of Applied Sciences, NL.

Forum Organising Committee

Ingar Janzik, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH and Bioeconomy Science Center, DE; George
Sakellaris, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, CZ & BioEast; Han van Osch, Avans University of Applied Sciences, NL; Simon Heath, Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA)

The event is supported by EuBioNet





For more information please contact
Simon Heath
ICA Secretary General
Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA)
Email: ICASecretariat@ica-europe.org


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