The National Bioeconomy Coordination Group (NBCG) of the Presidency of Council of Ministers (active in the frame of the National Committee Biosecurity, Biotechnology and Life Sciences of the same Presidency, involving representatives of 4 Ministries and of all Regions and Provinces, the National Agency for Cohesion and the main relevant National Technology Clusters (public private partnerships), who developed BIT II (Bioeconomy in Italy), prepared the present Implementation Action Plan (IAP). The IAP is addressed to translate some emerging BIT II priorities into distinct actions and related monitoring, to ensure an operational roll-out of the Italian Bioeconomy potential across Italy in the next 5 years. It is consistent with the other national strategies relating to the production of bioresources, their mobilization and use within the ecological limits. The NBCG will facilitate the actions and yearly monitor the IAP adoption. NBCG will also closely interact with the coordinators of the Bioeconomy strategies active in the other EU Member States to promote common positions in the review of the IAP of the EU strategy on the Bioeconomy launched on 2018. This will facilitate the exchange of best implementation actions and practices, enhance inter-country cooperation and joint activities, promote the overall implementation of the Bioeconomy strategiesin all EU Countries and the shaping of a concrete agenda of joint actions and recommendations, aiming at strengthening the development of the Bioeconomy in the EU as a whole. This will also facilitate the alignment of Italian priorities with those of the Water framework directive, the “biodiversity” and “farm to fork” strategies, part of the EU Green Deal, and the ones of the cluster 6 of Horizon Europe “Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment”, and its related Missions and Partnerships.
The proposed document after presenting the national context with particular reference to the role of Bioeconomy in Italy in coherence with the recently revised national Bioeconomy Strategy (BITII), describes:

  • how circular Bioeconomy model can be valued in this particular critical period from the
    health and socio-economic point of view and its key role in the Post-COVID 19 phase;
  • a detailed action plan 2020-2025 including a series of relevant targeted actions which have
    been clustered into 4 main macro areas (policy/standards, pilot actions, regeneration of
    ecosystem services and stakeholders engagement);
  • flagship projects ready for deployment at national levels are presented in order to provide concrete examples of Bioeconomy investments which can act as catalyst of socio-economic growth;
  • legislative and proposals for their overcoming is described. A plan for dissemination and monitoring of IAP results is included in the document as well.The full document is available at:
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