Learning about bioeconomy: Make it fun, make it easier

The European project AllThings.BioPRO. is proud to present the release of its serious game and label app. The game is available in English, German, Dutch and Italian.

The mission of the ‘serious game’ is to save the Earth by turning our lifestyle from fossil-based to bio-based. “The term ‘serious game‘ might sound as if there is no fun in it, but ‘serious’ refers more to the topics covered, and means that they are worth discovering,” says project coordinator, Valerie Sartorius. Called “Mission BioHero”, and available online for both Android’s and iOs users, the game owes its name to the challenge that we are invited to take up. “We play the role of a kind of an alien coming to destroy our planet, but then it changes its mind and decides that it’s worth being a hero and helping humanity rescue it,” explains Sartorius.

Mission BioHero is structured into eight ‘missions’, related to topics such as bio-based packaging, greenwashing, or products’ end-of-life. “We are challenged to answer quizzes and accomplish real tasks in our everyday life, like going to our wardrobe and scanning the labels of our clothes, to check out what they are made of, and if they are bio-based,” explains Sartorius. And since it is so easy to get confused, the project also launched a smartphone application called “Label Bio-Hero, on PlayStores and  AppStores. “It is first of all meant to help people understand which labels to trust and what they stand for. It basically helps the user find their way in their vast universe, to spot which products are really biodegradable and bio-based,” Sartorius says.

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