The BIOECONOMY Village at the European Researchers’ Night 2019

What is the Bioeconomy? What are the products of renewable origin of daily use? Is it possible to make more sustainable choices for the environment and for our health, replacing the fossil-based products?

Products of natural origin can answer these questions. Waste or by-products can be a great resource for the circular economy and for the bioeconomy: fabrics from coffee grounds, elephant poop paper, apple and orange peel, cosmetics from tomato peel or insects. Biodegradable toys, Spirulina as superfood, restoration with prickly pear, building applications from fungi, 3D printing with hemp: these are just some of the possibilities offered by the bioeconomy!

On 27 and 28 September 2019, the Italian edition in Frascati of the European Researchers’ Night will host the BIOECONOMY Village, promoted by the BIOVOICES, STAR-ProBio, Biobridges and LIFT projects funded by the European Commission.

At the BIOECONOMY Village UNITELMA Sapienza, FVA new media research, Curioctipus, Algaria and Ma.Re. Project will show you what the bioeconomy is!

Come and discover them in occasion of the European Researchers’ Night organized by Frascati Scienza, #BEES -BE a citizEn Scientist, the great event that brings science to the streets, among citizens, young people and students.

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