The European Bioeconomy Network, Novamont and BIOVOICES support the Startupper School Academy Program

Lazio Innova has launched the Startupper School Academy Program to promote entrepreneurship and creativity in the Lazio Region High schools

To design a sustainable future, the contribution of young generation is essential!

Also this year BIOVOICES project, Novamont and the European Bioeconomy Network have decided to support the Startupper School Academy Program, offering the special “Bioeconomy” prize, which aims to raise awareness of students for a more sustainable economic model that uses renewable resources as an alternative to the fossil ones. The winning projects must pay particular attention to the entire life cycle of the product, from the use of raw materials of biological origin (vegetable or animal, with particular attention to the raw materials currently considered waste), to sustainable production, up to disposal (end of life), with a view to circular bioeconomy.

The special “Bioeconomy” prize 2019-2020 will offer the following prizes:

  • the winning Institute will receive a prize of 1,500.00 euros offered by Novamont;
  • the 3 finalists Team:
    • will be hosted during the Scuola@Novamont open day. The visit will offer the opportunity to discover the production processes of MATER-BI® compostable bioplastics, at the Mater-Biopolymer plant, a company of the Novamont group, dedicated to the production of ORIGO-BI®, bio-polyesters with a high degree of renewability. More information
    • they will receive 3 Vivichem kits, educational support designed to reproduce the biorefinery in a box through the description of renewable raw materials and the processes that lead to the production of bioproducts and biopolymers, with particular attention to the end of life issue;
    • will be hosted at the exhibition space of the European BIOVOICES project during the European Researchers’ night in Frascati and at the Maker Faire Rome (2020), to promote their project idea in a large scale event;
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