3rd Summer School on Circular Bioeconomy & Sustainable Development

American Farm School

Objectives and Aims
In the current Circular Bioeconomy concept, the key players are the new
generation of experts and managers possessing a wide educational background
and capable of covering the entire spectrum of this multidisciplinary and crosssectoral
field. In this frame, we aim to invite students and young scientists to
participate in the 3rd Summer School to be organized ΟΝ-LINE AND FREE OF
CHARGE from 6 to 10 September 2021.

The topics
• The Agricultural and Forest Value Chains
• The Aquatic Value Chain
• Biodiversity, Digitalisation and Bio-Informatics in the Post Genome Era.
• Societal, Innovation, Regulatory, and Clustering Issues.
• Education Worldwide

Target Audience
There is no specific limit on the number of participants. Preferably graduate
students and young researchers.

Towards a hybrid education frame
This year the Summer School will be organized entirely online, for the last time.
The current pandemic situation imposes that. However, we consider this a
challenging opportunity for testing new communication and educational systems
which could efficiently substitute traditional educational methods.

Expected outcomes and perspectives
• Familiarization of the students with the current trends of Circular Bioeconomy
and Sustainable Development
• Enabling interest for a particular region
• Introduction to some new aspects and perspectives
• Involvement of the students in practice. Presentation of case studies from the

Chaired by
Prof. Dr. Konstantinos E. Vorgias

Free of charge

Registration: cvorgias@biol.uoa.gr

Program 3rd Summer School on Circular Bioeconomy & Sustainable Development

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