BIOREGIO project

Project concluded

BIOREGIO boosts bio-based circular economy through transfer of expertise about best available technologies and cooperation models.

  • improving knowledge related to circular economy of biological streams i.e. bio-based circular economy
  • increasing recycling rates of biological materials e.g. food waste/biowaste, municipal and industrial sludge and agricultural residues
  • transferring expertise about: a)¬†cooperation models, e.g. ecosystems, networks, administrative cooperation,
    b) best available technologies, e.g. bio refinery, biogas production


  • joint development of policy instruments
  • defining best practices of bio-based circular economy: cooperation models and best available technologies


  • regional stakeholder group meetings
  • interregional events: roundtable discussions, seminars and site visits
  • policy briefs, expert papers
  • regional dissemination events


  • six improved policy instruments
  • regions will be better equipped to implement new technologies and cooperation models in order to move towards bio-based circular economy
  • increasing professional capacity among stakeholders
  • raising public awareness of bio-based circular economy

Contacts: Susanna Vanhamäki: