Project concluded

BIOVOICES is a 40 months project aiming at engaging all relevant stakeholder groups “voices” (policy makers, researchers, the business community and the civil society) in order to address societal, environmental and economic challenges related to bio-based products and applications.
The platform developed by BIOVoices builds on the concept the concept of Mobilisation & Mutual Learning Platforms (MML) and methods developed previously in European projects with the ultimate objective of delivering an Action Plan addressing the challenges of raising awareness of and engaging with the citizens on the bio-based products.

1) Define a framework for MML by reviewing barriers and opportunities for the development of bio-based value chains, identifying stakeholders and expected benefits from mutual learning and mapping bio-based products based on stakeholders’ interests.

2) Launch the BIOVoices multi-stakeholders community and social platform to support and enable discussion, workshops, mobilization and mutual learning events.

4) Improve framework conditions for new bio-based market opportunities including action plans and processes, by involving in more than 70 co-creation events, at European, National and Regional level more than 4.000 experts.

5) Transform the experience of the BIOVoices community in Actionable Knowledge for the different stakeholders, publishing recommendations and policy briefs (at least four) to address the challenges related to bioeconomy.

6) Ensure that the BIOVoices outcomes will have an impact on the different stakeholders, though and early impact, dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy.

The BIOVoices Consortium merges a variety of complementary expertise, aiming to build a consistent multi-actor approach integrating 12 partners from 10 EU Member States from Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean area to central and eastern European countries.

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