Bridge2Brands: FCA and Biobridges Call for Innovative Solutions

The research centre of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (CRF – FCA) is looking for circular and bio-based solutions to turn cars components more sustainable, in collaboration with Biobridges project.

The full development of a sustainable European bio-based industry would represent a suitable pathway for achieving several Sustainable Development Goals. The introduction of Bio-based products and solutions depict a great opportunity to reconcile sustainable long-term growth with environmental protection through the prudent use of renewable resources for industrial purposes.

However, introducing bio-based products and solutions in consolidated business practice of a Brand is a complex process, which does not simply require innovative technologies from the supply-side, but also regulatory and societal transformations based on a multi-actor process in which the involvement of brand owners is crucial.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, according to its last Sustainability Report, is involved in the reduction of the environmental footprint of its products by embracing the concept of the circular economy. In this process, sustainable design plays a key role, since it is committed inselecting recycled, recycling, bio-based and/or bio-filled materials helps to reduce the overall environmental impact of the vehicles we produce ”.

Given this, a call for innovative solutions has just been issued in collaboration with the Biobridges project.

The call is targeting SOLUTION PROVIDERS of innovative BIOBASED MATERIALS. 

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