EuBioNet Yearly partners’ workshop – Bioeconomy Communication and Stakeholders’ engagement in times of COVID-19

Save the date for the yearly Workshop organised by the European Bioeconomy Network

11 November 2020 h 10.00-12.00 CET online

Context   The world pandemic crisis changed the way we live, communicate and behave. How this change over affected the work of the CSA projects (Coordination and Support Action) and other players involved the circular bioeconomy communication?

The European Bioeconomy Network, the alliance of nearly 70 EU funded projects dealing with Bioeconomy promotion, communication and support, promotes a Mobilisation and Mutual learning workshop to discuss and share ideas and solutions to maximise the impact of project’s activities in the current times.

The workshop aims to stimulate the discussion in light of the Global Bioeconomy Summit (16-20 Nov 2020). It will also provide inspirational ideas and good practices for the future EuBioNet partners’ activities.

Objectives /Expected outcomes            

  • Facilitate the awareness and exchange of inspirational good practices
  • Stimulate a problem oriented discussion on how to overcome the limitation due to safety constrains
  • Improve the quality and impact of communication and stakeholders engagement activities for the next months
  • Identify collaboration opportunities among projects and initiatives for the next events/activities

Discussion topics

  • How the global health emergency landscape changed the way Circular Bioeconomy is communicated?
  • How CSA projects have changed the way they deploy their communication and stakeholders engagement activities?
  • What activities and tools have demonstrated to be effective for communication and stakeholders engagement?
  • What messages are more effective to raise the interest of the target audiences? What channels?
  • Lessons learnt and success stories from the last 8 months
  • What worked?
  • What should be re-think?
  • How to maximize the impact of future activities?


Mobilisation and Mutual Learning workshop:

  • brief presentations of 7/8 case studies from different projects (Some EuBioNet members will share their success stories in communication and stakeholders engagement in times of Covid-19).
  • interactive panel discussion supported by online collaborative tools
  • wrap-up and recommendations

Case studies  already confirmed    

  • LIFT – Attracting 1200 stakeholders worldwide through 4 thematic workshops (March 2020)
  • BIOVOICES – Social media strategy responsive to trends in public perceptions and during COVID emergency
  • Biobridges – #BioHeroes leveraging social media influencers to spread the bioeconomy to large public
  • BLOOM – how to overcome the “zoom fatigue”? What online outreach activities might mean from a social learning point of view?
  • BioEASTup –  (title to be defined)
  • ENABLING – (title to be defined)

How the new project are planning to deal with the COVID-19 situation in their communication and stakeholders engagement activities?

  • Allthings.bioPRO
  • Transition2BIO

More information here EuBioNet concept workshop_2020

Do you have a success story you would like to share?

Contact us at before the 23rd October.

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