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EuBioNet Yearly partners’ workshop – Bioeconomy Communication and Stakeholders’ engagement in times of COVID-19

EuBioNet Yearly partners’ workshop – Bioeconomy Communication and Stakeholders’ engagement in times of COVID-19

Save the date for the yearly Workshop organised by the European Bioeconomy Network

11 November 2020 h 10.00-12.00 CET online

Context   The world pandemic crisis changed the way we live, communicate and behave. How this change over affected the work of the CSA projects (Coordination and Support Action) and other players involved the circular bioeconomy communication?

The European Bioeconomy Network, the alliance of nearly 70 EU funded projects dealing with Bioeconomy promotion, communication and support, promotes a Mobilisation and Mutual learning workshop to discuss and share ideas and solutions to maximise the impact of project’s activities in the current times.

The workshop aims to stimulate the discussion in light of the Global Bioeconomy Summit (16-20 Nov 2020). It will also provide inspirational ideas and good practices for the future EuBioNet partners’ activities.

Objectives /Expected outcomes            

  • Facilitate the awareness and exchange of inspirational good practices
  • Stimulate a problem oriented discussion on how to overcome the limitation due to safety constrains
  • Improve the quality and impact of communication and stakeholders engagement activities for the next months
  • Identify collaboration opportunities among projects and initiatives for the next events/activities

Discussion topics

  • How the global health emergency landscape changed the way Circular Bioeconomy is communicated?
  • How CSA projects have changed the way they deploy their communication and stakeholders engagement activities?
  • What activities and tools have demonstrated to be effective for communication and stakeholders engagement?
  • What messages are more effective to raise the interest of the target audiences? What channels?
  • Lessons learnt and success stories from the last 8 months
  • What worked?
  • What should be re-think?
  • How to maximize the impact of future activities?


Mobilisation and Mutual Learning workshop:

  • brief presentations of 7/8 case studies from different projects (Some EuBioNet members will share their success stories in communication and stakeholders engagement in times of Covid-19).
  • interactive panel discussion supported by online collaborative tools
  • wrap-up and recommendations

Case studies  already confirmed    

  • LIFT – Attracting 1200 stakeholders worldwide through 4 thematic workshops (March 2020)
  • BIOVOICES – Social media strategy responsive to trends in public perceptions and during COVID emergency
  • Biobridges – #BioHeroes leveraging social media influencers to spread the bioeconomy to large public
  • BLOOM – how to overcome the “zoom fatigue”? What online outreach activities might mean from a social learning point of view?
  • BioEASTup –  (title to be defined)
  • ENABLING – (title to be defined)

How the new project are planning to deal with the COVID-19 situation in their communication and stakeholders engagement activities?

  • Allthings.bioPRO
  • Transition2BIO

More information here EuBioNet concept workshop_2020

Do you have a success story you would like to share?

Contact us at before the 23rd October.

3rd International Bioeconomy Congress in Stuttgart

3rd International Bioeconomy Congress in Stuttgart

Dear Sir or Madam,

We have the great pleasure to invite you to the 3rd International Bioeconomy Congress, which will take place on 21-22 September 2020 at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart.

The 3rd International Bioeconomy Congress in Baden-Württemberg will be an inter- and transdisciplinary meeting for experts and stakeholders dedicated to systemic approaches of a sustainable Bioeconomy. This year’s congress, “The contribution of Bioeconomy to the Green Deal”, will discuss how innovative products, processes, principles and regional circles can contribute to mitigation of climate change, reducing pollution, supporting resource efficiency and other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Circular economy and the use of digitalization for smart and sustainable processes will be emphasized as important concepts.

On two exciting days participants can expect stimulating lectures, original research, practical examples and lively discussions.

Our call for contributions is now open until 15 April 2020. We are looking for oral and poster presentations concerning the following topics (see attachment and website for complete topic description):

• Smart agricultural and food production systems
• Using the versatile potential of microorganisms and enzymes for a circular Bioeconomy
• Exploiting the concept of biorefineries
• Concepts and systems on Biointelligence
• New materials and innovative products from biomass
• The transition to a sustainable Bioeconomy

The congress will be hosted by four Ministries of Baden-Württemberg (the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing and the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, and the Energy Sector), BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH and University of Hohenheim.

For further information about the event, venue and the full call text, please visit the conference website. You can sign up to stay informed about the course of the event and the opening of the registration.

Best regards,

Lina Mayorga Duarte
M.Sc. Bioeconomy
Bioeconomy Research Program Baden-Württemberg
Wollgrasweg 43
D-70599 Stuttgart – Germany

-Lina Mayorga Duarte ( )

Call for Lessons Learnt and best practices in Communication, Awareness Raising and Education for mutual learning workshop

Call for Lessons Learnt and best practices in Communication, Awareness Raising and Education for mutual learning workshop

The European Bioeconomy Network and projects BIOVOICES, BioCannDo, Biobridges and LIFT is organising the European MML (Mobilisation and Mutual Learning) workshop “The role of communication and education to promote changes in purchasing habits and increasing the acceptance of bio-based products” that will be held in Helsinki on the 8th of July as satellite event of the Bioeconomy Conference 2019

The announcement of this satellite event is on line:


We would like to invite the EuBioNet members to share their lesson learnt in communication, awareness raising and education as short pitch and/or to participate to the Mobilisation and Mutual Learning session.

We also kind ask you to share this invitation to relevant projects and networks.


The registration to the workshop is free of charge, but the registration is requested.

This is the page where you will find more infos and the registration form.


Please note that the registration to the main conference, hosting our satellite event, will be possible only before the 17 of April.

for more information:
Chiara Pocaterra:;
Silvia Valentini:;
Susanna Albertini:
BIOVOICES and Biobridges MML Workshop in Piemonte region: Bioeconomy as an opportunity to boost local development based on territorial resources

BIOVOICES and Biobridges MML Workshop in Piemonte region: Bioeconomy as an opportunity to boost local development based on territorial resources

On the 9th of April, Biovoices and Biobridges are organizing a Mobilisation and Mutual learning workshop in Biella, Piemonte region Bioeconomy as an opportunity to boost local development based on territorial resources” .

The event is organized in collaboration with the Biella and Vercelli Chamber of Commerce, CNR national research council, the European Bioeconomy Network and Chimica Verde Bionet and aims to generate ideas and stimulate possible collaborations between the stakeholders to promote the sustainable development made possible by the bioeconomy, with particular attention to the textile industry.

The workshop will be in Italian.

Are you interested in being part of this workshop? Do you have contact that you would like share with us in the textile sector of bioeconomy?

Contact us!

BIOVOICES and Biobridges projects

Do you want to share your experience for BioBridges case studies?

Do you want to share your experience for BioBridges case studies?

In the context of the BBI JU funded project Biobridges we are writing Case Studies and conducting interviews to sort out how BRANDS are addressing the sustainability issues and which are their approaches, what are the barriers and needs, to better target services and support.

The project aims to foster cross-sector partnerships between Bio-Based Industries, Brand owners and Consumer representatives, for improving the marketability of sustainable bio-based products.

If you are working as procurer, sustainability manager or communicator responsible for these strategies for a Brand or you want to suggest someone to contact, please write us an email to

We would greatly appreciate your help,

FVA – Biobridges Partner



On 13-14 November 2018 in Rome (IT), BIOVOICES project will organize a Focus Group to define what challenges should be addressed to support Bioeconomy and Bio-Based market uptake. The workshop will bring together experts in the Bioeconomy field from Business, Research and Education, Public Administration, Civil Society and Users aiming to discuss and validate the project’s findings on the key challenges that must be addressed at European and national level, drawing in this way the framework of the Mobilization and Mutual Learning (MML) activities that will follow.

This document gives an overview about the BIOVOICES Focus Group.

The European Bioeconomy Network supports this activity: partners involved in the following projects will join: AlpBioEco, Biobridges, BioCannDo, BioSTEP, BIOVOICES, BIOWAYS, CommBeBiz, InnProBio, ISABEL, RoadToBio, STAR-ProBio, Transition to Green Economy

Are you interested in being involved in the Focus Group?
Please contact Iakovos Delioglanis (responsible for BIOVOICES of the Focus Group).

CALL for BIOECONOMY Village @Maker Faire Rome 2018

CALL for BIOECONOMY Village @Maker Faire Rome 2018

Maker Faire Rome 2018 will dedicate an exhibition pavilion to sustainability, bioeconomy and circular economy, with the aim of raising awareness and inform the large public, showcasing products and applications, organizing laboratories and practical demos, games and quizzes dedicated, debates and workshops, to children and adults.

Promoters of the BIOECONOMY Village, together with Innova Camera, the projects BIOWAYS, BIOVOICES, BIOBRIDGES e STAR-ProBio, funded by the European Commission. The BIOECONOMY Village will give the opportunity to universities, research centers, industries, start-ups and projects to present their research findings, bio-based products and applications in the everyday life.

The exhibition space will be organised into thematic areas, each represented by one or more organization that will show, in a practical and engaging way, the positive impacts of the circular bioeconomy on the environment, economy and society.

The thematic areas will be:

  1. Informative, educational and workshops area
  2. Games and video area
  3. Cleaning and hygiene, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Health and biomedical
  4. Textile products and clothing, sport and toys
  5. Food Packaging, disposable products for catering and events
  6. Biofuels and bioenergy
  7. Environmental bioregulation and biological sensors
  8. Building and construction; restoration and paintings, decorations and furniture
  9. Agriculture, food, nutraceutical
  10. The sea as a resource to be protected and valued

Do you want to join us? Participation will be free of charge. Drop us an email to before 5 July, telling us about your work and the bio based products you will showcase.

Call for projects, researchers and companies for the bioeconomy corner at the Bioeconomy day in Brussels – 22 Oct 2018

Call for projects, researchers and companies for the bioeconomy corner at the Bioeconomy day in Brussels – 22 Oct 2018

The EuBioNet is supporting the European Commission in showcasing biobased products during the event that will take place in Brussels on the 22nd of October. The idea is to involve EU funded projects, researchers and companies to showcase biobased products with an hands-on approach.

Please suggest people to invite (the travel cost will be covered by the EC). To optimize the corner, the idea is to involve projects, researchers and companies that can present several examples of BBPs.

For privacy reasons, I kindly ask you to suggest the names via e-mail to Susanna Albertini at