EuBioNet and Transition2BIO videointerviews to the World Bioproduct Day Winners!

In July 2022, the European Bioeconomy Network, Transition2Bio and the World Bioeconomy Forum started a collaboration in the context of the World Bioproduct Day.

The campaign engaged many stakeholders of the circular bioeconomy that shared their stories via social media by using the hashtag #bioproductday2022 and/or #bioproductday, or by submitting via email their bioproducts.

Transition2Bio and EuBioNet  selected the 5 most interesting submissions, following specific categories:

To give more visibility to their circular bioeconomy stories, the video interviews to the winners were curated by Transition2Bio and the EuBioNet and they will be shared in a joint social media campaign organised with the support of the World Bioeconomy Forum!

You can access all the videos at the following link.

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