Transition2Bio co-creation workshop “Future skills for Bioeconomy”

Transition2Bio is organizing the first co-creation workshop “Future skills for Bioeconomy” – Agriculture, Food and Feed which will take place online on the 6th of April 2022 at 3:00 pm CET, via the Microsoft Teams platform.

The workshop aims to identify the future skills and related educational needs in the European bioeconomy, particularly in Agriculture, Food and Feed.
“Future skills for Bioeconomy” activities will use a bottom-up approach to identify and define the skills for the development of the new workforce in the bioeconomy, involving all the key stakeholders.

The participants will have the opportunity to provide their opinions and points of view on this topic, contributing to the research of the University of Bologna within the H2020 project Transition 2BIO.
This event is the first of five Transition2BIO co-creation workshops “Future skills for Bioeconomy”. Each of them will focus on different bioeconomy sectors, involving the key stakeholders to find out the future skills and educational needs in the European bioeconomy.

Here you can find the agenda.

Target audience
The organisers encourage the participation of EU funded projects in bioeconomy education, EU and local institutions, universities, policymakers, private companies, associations, teachers, students, and whoever may be interested in or have something to say about the future skills and related educational needs to build the future workforce of the European bioeconomy.
The workshop will be conducted in English.

Please register online for the workshop at this link.
Participants will receive the link for the virtual meeting by email.
The deadline for the registration is 3 April 2022.


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